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CureSHANK has a singular purpose: 

To accelerate the development of treatments for SHANK-related disorders. Our approach is to identify and fund projects that overcome critical barriers to successful drug development and to coordinate scientific efforts to improve efficiency and speed in the field.


Pre-clinical Research

  • ​Funding for development of assay standards for cells and model systems

  • Funding the development and validation of clinically translatable predictive biomarkers

  • Engaging with companies across the life sciences ecosystem to increase investment in shankopathies

  • Providing other targeted funding to address key research gaps as they are identified



  • Organizing scientific meetings to share unpublished data and identify gap areas

  • ​Developing consortia and supporting other novel collaborative mechanisms, such as team science

  • Coordinating efforts with research teams to increase funding from other sources for critical projects

  • Collaborating with emerging and established life sciences companies

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