Crowdfunding for CureSHANK

Our primary goal at CureSHANK is to accelerate the development of treatments for SHANK-related disorders. Our approach is to identify and fund projects that overcome critical barriers to successful drug development and to coordinate scientific efforts to improve efficiency and speed in the field. We are fully funded by individual donors like you with a vested interest in finding treatments for PMS, and other SHANK-related disorders. To do our job well, we need support from everyone in our community - and we hope that extends to your community as well! 


Enter crowdfunding! Crowdfunding is the use of small donations from a large number of individuals to raise money for a cause. We provide the tools you need to make it easy to share your story and fundraising goals with your friends, family, and colleagues. See these examples below for some inspiration. 


Starting a campaign is super easy. All you need to do is contact Abby Lievense at abby@cureshank.org and say you’d like to start a CureSHANK campaign. She’ll take you through the steps and you’ll have your campaign up and running in no time.

Campaign 1

fun idea here

Couple with Daughter


Campaign 2

Really fun idea here

Marathon Runners


Campaign 3

Epic idea here

New Year Party