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Bring People Together

Events are one of the great ways to get involved with CureSHANK and play an integral part in funding research for treatments and cures. Events are fun, help raise awareness, and build connections in our community. Starting your own will have a direct impact on the lives of many people affected by PMS. Set up a golf tournament, host a gala, hold a margarita mixer… Do what you enjoy and bring your friends and family together to support a great cause.

A sample Event concept: Darus-Palooza!

What's more fun than a backyard full of kids, a bouncy house, and all your favorite people? DarusPalooza was started by Abby Lievense, a CureSHANK founder, as a way to educate her community about PMS and provide a way for them to support people with PMS, like her son, Darus. It was so much fun, she's done it for several years in row, bringing in ponies one year, and magical fairies another. 

It's a pretty simple formula, and very effective way to engage people. Contact us if you would like to discuss how to plan everything from the guest list to the fundraising aspect of whatever type of event you have in mind.   

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