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Need New Copy Here: CureSHANK formed to accelerate the development of treatments for SHANK-related disorders. If your life has been impacted by Phelan-McDermid Syndrome or other shankopathies, you understand how important it is to identify and fund projects that overcome critical barriers to successful drug development and to coordinate scientific efforts to improve efficiency and speed in the field.


To achieve our goals, we need your fundraising help, and we have many ways to maximize your efforts and contributions. 

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Every donation fuels our programs and moves us closer to the goal of finding treatments for shankopathies. CureSHANK relies entirely on contributions from individuals, families, and private sources to push our important programs and research forward. CureSHANK is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Please consider a recurring donation highlighting your ongoing commitment to this critical work.

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Turn any event into a fundraising event for CureSHANK! Celebrating a birthday? Running a race? Engage your friends and family in our important work using our simple crowdfunding platform. Can be done anytime, anywhere.  

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Plan an event

Do you enjoy hosting events? As we return to in-person gatherings, celebrate and further the CureSHANK cause. From backyard BBQs to Gala events, there are so many ways to enjoy the company of your friends and family while also supporting an important effort.

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