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CureSHANK Commits $450,000 for Research Projects in 2023

CureSHANK has a singular purpose: to accelerate the development of treatments for Phelan-McDermid syndrome. And this year, we are pleased we to be dedicating $450,000 toward several research projects targeting many of the disorder's most challenging symptoms.

To further this goal, CureSHANK has allocated funding for Requests for Applications (RFAs) seeking grant proposals and for direct support of projects of the CureSHANK Outcome Measures and Biomarker Consortium.

We invite you to subscribe and follow us on social media to learn about our upcoming RFAs.

CureSHANK is accelerating treatments for Phelan-McDermid syndrome by identifying and funding projects that overcome critical barriers to successful drug development and coordinating scientific efforts to improve efficiency and speed in the field.


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