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Happy Birthday Daria!

Daria - the daughter of CureSHANK’s co-founder Paulina Rychenkova, - is officially a teenager today!

This beautiful young women has traveled quite a journey in her 13 years: from open heart surgery at birth through years of almost daily therapy of one kind or another, and a gamut of medical challenges. Yet her engaging smile and bright demeanor never fade or fail to inspire her family and others around her.

Today there are no treatments for Daria’s symptoms or disease-modifying therapies, and children with Phelan-McDermid syndrome are not known to grow up to lead independent lives.

We started CureSHANK to change this outlook for Daria and others like her.

Please consider making a donation to CureSHANK in honor of Daria’s birthday to help accelerate life-transforming therapies for PMS. Thank you!


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